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Charity Heart

Twycross Zoo is a registered charity (number 501841) which exists to support conservation, education and research.

Elephant Profiles


Place of birth: Burma
Date of birth: 1985
Arrived at Twycross Zoo: 19/01/1991

Minbu, originally born and raised in a logging camp, is the dominant female of our elephant herd, known as a matriarch. She can be nervous of new situations and often is the last elephant to try something new, although she adapts well to a change in routine.

Minbu is very caring to Noorjahan’s 3 year old calf Esha and gets along better with Noorjahan since the birth of Esha.

One of her favourite treats is melon which our keepers use as a reward during health check training.


Place of birth: Twycross Zoo – captive born
Date of birth: 06/08/1998

Tara is the lowest ranking member of our elephant herd in terms of their hierarchy and is occasionally pushed around in a dominant manner by Noorjahan. Tara has a good relationship with Esha, Noorjahan’s 3 year old calf.

Tara is playful and inquisitive and can push her luck by trying to take food from more dominant elephants! She loves all food.

Tara is very good, keen and enthusiastic to train and sometimes tries to cut corners to do things quicker.


Place of birth: India – Jalpara Wildlife Sanctuary
Date of birth: 24/11/1995
Arrived at Twycross Zoo: 17/04/1998

Noorjahan is currently second in the herd hierarchy and spends more time away from the other elephants, other than time with her 3 year old calf Esha.

Noorjahan is respectful of Minbu and will often avoid her but she will show dominance towards Tara.

She can be a stubborn elephant and will demand food and attention from the keepers by kicking the enclosure bars.


Place of birth: Twycross Zoo – captive born
Date of birth: 04/03/2014

Esha a very active, playful and inquisitive member of the herd.

Although she is daughter to Noorjahan, Esha spends a lot of time with Tara and is very playful towards her.

She also spends a lot of time with Minbu and does push her luck especially around food, Minbu lets her get away with it.

Esha loves all food but melon and bananas are her favourite.

As the youngest in the herd, Noorjahan, Minbu and Tara all show maternal bonds with her.