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New Year… New Life! A brand new Chilean flamingo chick has hatched at the zoo.

For the first time in almost 30 years, we are thrilled to be announcing the successful birth of a Chilean flamingo chick here at Twycross Zoo

The juvenile flamingo was born in September 2021 and has been carefully cared for by our team of expert bird keepers. As a near threatened species, with a difficult breeding process, the team are overjoyed to have a new chick within the flock and will be naming the bird soon, having recently discovered she is female.

Much like humans, flamingos share parental responsibility with both the male and female and will be taking turns caring for the chick. The fluffy juvenile doesn’t yet look bright pink like the typical plumage associated with the species, but will develop this through her adult life because of pigments consumed in their diet.

The cute new addition is an exciting arrival to our zoo, home to 500 animals or nearly 100 species, and is another success for our many breeding programmes and ongoing mission to preserve endangered species.

Watch some of our first glimpses caught on camera below & click here to learn more about our fabulous flamingos!