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Jack & parents - Vicugna Family

Published on 13th December 2017

Snowy surprise: vicugna baby, named Jack Frost, born at Twycross Zoo!

Christmas has come early for Twycross Zoo, which is delighted to announce the birth of Jack Frost, a male vicugna.

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The elephants  at Twycross Zoo.Photographs: Lucy Ray/Twycross Zoo

Published on 25th November 2017

Twycross Zoo elephants are moving two-by-two to Blackpool Zoo

After careful consideration and discussions with elephant experts, the EEP and Eaza, we are pleased to announce that our all-female herd of Asian elephants – Minbu, Noorjahan, Tara and Esha – will move two-by-two to Blackpool Zoo by Spring 2018.

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Published on 25th August 2017

Beat the September blues with fun at Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo will be staging a number of exciting events throughout September to make back to school month fun for all.

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Michie's Tufted Deer

Published on 21st August 2017

Twycross Zoo welcomes Michie’s tufted deer into the world

Twycross Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a male Michie’s tufted deer. Born on 13 July 2017, this is the first offspring for parents Fatima and Mitch.

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Published on 16th August 2017

Red Heads Go Free To Twycross Zoo On World Orangutan Day

Red hair is a rare and wonderful thing and so are orangutans. That is why, to mark World Orangutan Day on Saturday 19 August, Twycross Zoo will be open for free to any person with red hair, be it natural, dyed or a wig.

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© Twycross Zoo – Snow Leopard Twins Born July 2017 (L. Ray) TZ (10)

Published on 1st July 2017

Snow leopard twins born at Twycross Zoo

We’re pleased to announce the latest additions to the Zoo – twin, female snow leopard cubs, born in April 2017.

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© Twycross Zoo – Kibra’s Baby Orangutan born 16th June 2017 (1)

Published on 22nd June 2017

Second Bornean Orangutan Born at Twycross Zoo

Visitors at Twycross Zoo had the unique chance to witness the birth of a critically endangered Bornean orangutan right in front of their eyes when experienced mother Kibriah went into labour at noon on Friday 16 June 2017.

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© Twycross Zoo Orangutan Baby TZ L Ray (6)

Published on 30th March 2017

Twycross Zoo celebrates the birth of critically endangered Bornean orangutan

Twycross Zoo is excited to welcome into the world a critically-endangered Bornean orangutan baby, third offspring to father Batu and mother Maliku.

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