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Charity Heart

Twycross Zoo is a registered charity (number 501841) which exists to support conservation, education and research.

Mobiles and Chimps

Start the new year by protecting bonobos in the wild

Twycross Zoo is proud to be the only UK zoo home to our closest living relative, the bonobo!

In our bonobo house you will see that we are home to two family groups who enjoy spending time grooming one another, climbing, playing and settling down for an afternoon nap.

However bonobos are classed as an endangered species and their numbers are dramatically declining in the wild due to their forest homes being cleared to obtain a precious minerals such as Coltan.

Coltan is used in the production of mobile phones and it is estimated that between 65-80% of the world’s Coltan reserves are found in biodiversity rich areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is home to bonobos.

So how can you help?

Twycross Zoo has partnered with Clover Environmental Solution, which provides collection programmes for used mobile phones and other small electronic devices, to set up a permanent recycling container at the zoo.

Did you receive a new phone at Christmas or you are aware you have a few old phones hidden in a drawer at home? Simply drop them into Guest Services here at Twycross Zoo on your next visit so they can recycled.

Phones can also be sent in through the post to: Guest Services, Twycross Zoo, Burton Road, Atherstone CV9 3PX

We want to hear more about your New Year’s Resolutions to look after the planet this year – tweet us @twycrosszoo