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Tooth Be Told, Oumbi’s Procedure Went Very Well!

Animal Achievement Award

June 2018
Winner: Oumbi, Western lowland gorilla
Nominated by: Phillipa Dobbs, Veterinary Associate at Twycross Zoo
For: Anaesthetic through arm injection for removal of tooth

Tooth Be Told, Oumbi’s Procedure Went Very Well!

Oumbi is a 26-year-old male silverback Western lowland gorilla. He has lived at Twycross Zoo since 2009 and can be found in Gorilla house with three adult females and two of his latest offspring – males Lope and Shufai. He weighs 190kg and is very impressive to look at!

A few months ago during a routine examination, his keepers noticed that one of his teeth was a different colour. Photos were taken of the tooth and it was closely monitored, however the tooth continued to change colour and the decision was made to anaesthetise Oumbi to investigate it.

To get Oumbi ready for his procedure, his keepers worked closely with him through training sessions so Oumbi could receive his anaesthetic through an arm injection.

After a few weeks, a plan was put together and dental specialist Peter Kertez from ZooDent International visited Oumbi to assess his tooth. Within 5 minutes of Oumbi’s anaesthetic he was fast asleep and 8 members of the team were needed to lift him safely onto a straw bed for the procedure.

After Peter Kertez’s assessment of Oumbi’s tooth it was decided it needed to be removed and Oumbi was also given a full health check at the same time by the Twycross Zoo Veterinary Team.

Oumbi recovered fully from the procedure and was back with the group and eating well later that day.

Since the dental procedure Oumbi has continued to co-operate during training sessions and we have been able to examine his sutures (stitches) from the tooth removal. He has taken all the medication orally to help the gum to heal and is well on the way to a full recovery.

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