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Sustainable Zoo

We are passionate about keeping the Earth’s environment healthy for all species, including humans and are always working hard to ensure that our own daily activities have a minimal impact on the environment.

What Are We Doing

What Are Sustainable Practices?

Sustainable practices are those that try to avoid having a negative impact on the planet by reducing the use of non-reusable and non-recyclable materials and reducing energy and water consumption. Where we cannot reduce our need for a product, especially those with greater environmental impacts, we should aim to be able to reuse it or recycle it.

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What Are We Doing?

  • We have reduced our water usage by switching our urinals to URECO Urinal Sleeve System. This is an annual water saving equivalent to filling 56 of our Humboldt penguin pools, or 11 million water bottles.
  • Our retail team have recently moved to fully recyclable sweet packaging for all Twycross Zoo branded products.
  • Our catering team use only grade 1 and 2 sustainable fish sources. Find out more.
  • We offer recycling for mobile phones at our Guest Services building.
  • Wood used around site if FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) approved. For example the new fencing around site is all from well-managed FSC approved forests.
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What Can You Do?

  • Bring along your own coffee cup when you come to the zoo for 25p off at our Costas coffee shop in the Himalaya building.
  • Forgot your coffee cup? You can buy a re-useable bamboo coffee cup in our retail shop or Costa reusable cups from our Costa shop. Make sure you bring it with you for your next visit to save money on your hot drinks at Costa.
  • For cold drinks, you can buy a reusable slush cup that can be used for reduced priced refills here at Twycross Zoo and other popular UK attractions.
  • Bring your own re-useable bag with you or make sure you recycle your fully recyclable Twycross Zoo bag from the gift shop.
  • Recycle your old mobile phones with us. Find out more.

Buy our Twycross Zoo branded sweet treats knowing that you are buying only sustainable palm oil products or palm oil free products. See why this is important here.

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