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October Fiesta

  • 14th - 22nd Oct 2023, 28th Oct - 5th Nov 2023
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  1. Aldabra tortoise outside - July 2019

    Aldabra tortoise feeding time

    • 4th Sep - 13th Oct 2023
    • 14:30
    • Zoo, Aldabra tortoise habitat

    Believed to be over 100 years old... Meet our trio of giant tortoises at feeding time

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  2. Twycross Zoo Humboldt Penguin

    Penguin feeding time

    • 4th Sep - 13th Oct 2023
    • 15:30
    • Zoo, Humboldt penguin habitat

    Meet our colony of hungry Humboldt penguins whilst they feast on fish

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  3. Twycross Zoo Bornean Orangutan

    Discover Bornean Orangutans

    • 4th Sep - 13th Oct 2023
    • 11:00
    • Zoo, Orangutan habitat

    Learn about the critically endangered Bornean orangutans from our expert education rangers

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  4. Sumatran tiger Sialang - May 2021

    Discover Sumatran tigers

    • 4th Sep - 13th Oct 2023
    • 11:30
    • Zoo

    Discover the most endangered tigers on the planet... The Sumatran tiger, with our expert education rangers and lookout for our pair of critically endangered cats, Jahly and Sialang

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  5. Amur leopard Davidoff at Twycross Zoo

    Discover Amur leopards

    • 4th Sep - 13th Oct 2023
    • 15:00
    • Zoo

    Get to know the most endangered big cat on the planet with our expert education rangers. There's believed to be less than 100 Amur leopards remaining in the wild and Twycross Zoo's Amur leopard is an amazing ambassador for the species!

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