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Opening Times: 10am - 6pm

Charity Heart

Twycross Zoo is a registered charity (number 501841) which exists to support conservation, education and research.

Primary School

We provide interactive and exciting sessions for Key Stage One and Two students that will fit in with all areas of the curriculum


What we do...

Our sessions are specifically designed to inspire children about the natural world around them. Children are guided through a 45-minute session by our award-winning Education Officers. Each session is hosted in our under-cover teaching classrooms and can accommodate up to 30 pupils. All sessions come with free resources for you to use on site or back at school to do post-visit work.

KS1 Wildlife Heroes Workshop

Deforestation, pollution and hunting are just some of the threats animals face in the wild. Through interactive games, the session shows children how by working together we can all become wildlife heroes.

KS1 Habitats and Adaptions

An interactive session where children work collaboratively to create a habitat and identify adaptions of animals that live in different habitats around the world.

KS2 Evolution and Adaption

Children will learn about evolution and how fossils have give us clues to the past. We explore why some animals have changed so much over a long period of time and identify some animal adaptions along the way.

KS2 Biodiversity and Conservation

Through games and investigations children will discover what biodiversity means, why all animals are important and how we can work together to save the natural world.

KS2 Life in the Rainforest

In this session we explore the rainforest layers, what animals live there and why this fragile biome is so important to us.

SEND Students

We are aware that every child is different and as such we would love to talk to you about your special educational needs. Twycross Zoo provides a unique learning experience for your pupils. The sessions we provide can be specifically tailored to yourselves to be suitable for all levels of special needs.

Plus over 500 animals, award-winning habitats and more…

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