Educational visits at Twycross Zoo

We have a range of formal learning experiences at the zoo. If you are an education provider, charity, youth group or home educator, see what learning opportunities Twycross Zoo can offer. Our formal sessions, workshops and expeditions are delivered by our knowledgeable and experienced Conservation Education Officers.

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  1. Early Years

    Early years

    It’s never too early for your pupils to connect with nature, that’s why we have specially designed EYFS sessions. Adding these sessions to your zoo visit helps younger children with some of their developmental stages including communication, social & emotional and cognition. Suitable for ages three to five, our EYFS sessions take place in our study centre classroom.

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  2. Primary 6

    Primary school trips

    Our specifically designed primary school sessions are split between KS1 and KS2 workshops and expeditions. We have linked our learning activities to the curriculum to ensure that learners gain real world examples, aiming to inspire children about the natural world around them. Suitable for ages four to eleven, our primary school workshops take place in our study centre classroom or as an expedition around the zoo grounds.

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  3. Secondary

    Secondary school trips

    Our curriculum linked KS3 and KS4 workshops and expeditions are a perfect way to enhance your pupils understanding by taking learning outside the classroom. We use a range of learning techniques and enrich the sessions with a variety of zoo artefacts. Secondary school sessions involve a combination of workshops, expeditions and debates.

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    Post 16

    Our ambition is to empower future zoologists and conservationists in the Midlands. We have created a range of A-level and FE talks, expeditions and experiences that can help students focus their interests and expand their horizons. Our KS5 sessions are based on the A-level biology curriculum, with some overlap for psychology students. We also have a range of specialist Level 3 workshops and guides.

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  5. Students Unis

    University and Higher Education

    We can deliver a range of higher education lectures, seminars and behind the scenes tours. Our industry experts can offer your students challenging and applied examples of cutting-edge animal husbandry conservation and zoology that can help them see real world application of knowledge and problem solving.

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  6. Secondary 1

    Professional Development

    If you are a lecturer or professional teaching animal related subjects, we offer behind the scenes opportunities to help you keep up to date with the latest developments in zookeeping, husbandry and conservation.

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Why Are School Trips So Important?

School trips generally help students improve their confidence, as they are encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and try out or experience different things. They allow students to gain communication and social skills as they develop new friendships during trips.

Educational trips in particular, such as visits to a zoo are great for helping students get an understanding of animals, conservation, and why these species are important. These zoo trips are especially great for those that aren’t fully comfortable around animals.

  1. Secondary

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