animal headerAnimals come in all shapes and sizes, from leopards to lemurs, parrots to prairie dogs and tortoises to tarantulas.  Twycross Zoo cares for around 500 animals of almost 150 species of bigger animals, including many endangered species, plus hundreds of creepy crawlies too. Renowned as a specialist primate zoo, we care for a wide variety of monkeys and apes, and are the only zoo in the UK where you can see all types of great ape – gorilla, orang utan, chimpanzee and bonobo (you should be able to spot some humans too!). There’s plenty to see, from favourites including meerkats and penguins, to the Amur leopard, the world’s rarest big cat.

Many of our animals are part of Conservation Breeding Programmes which help ensure a future for species on the brink of extinction.

a1Primates – Twycross Zoo has one of the most diverse primate collection in the Western world, including several endangered species and the UK’s only group of bonobos.
a2Other Mammals – Meet the Amur leopard, the world’s rarest big cat; our herd of Asian elephants; our mob of meerkats; the rare and magnificent snow leopard and more!
a1Birds – From tiny finches to Humboldt penguins, bright-coloured parrots and flamingos to emus, owls, and more, find out about our feathered friends here.
a4Reptiles – Unlike mammals, reptiles are cold-blooded and have scales rather than fur or feathers. Meet the gentle giant Aldabran tortoises, friendly snakes and even a dragon or two!
a1Invertebrates – Come face to face with Mini Beasts at Twycross! We care for hundreds of creepy crawlies, beautiful butterflies and bizarre bugs.